Management of the Production of Metal Structures: Computer Application – “MERP”

Most software for the management of the production of metallic structures has its field of action limited to work in the factory, not allowing for the monitoring of subcontractors (...)


Development of a Structural Health Monitoring System

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is fundamental to identify the structural behavior, in particular of special structures, allowing the validation of design hypothesis (...)


A New Type of Deck Slab for Bridges using Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Composite materials, in particular sandwich panels are increasingly used in construction due to their excellent performance characteristics and high strength/weight ratio. (...)


Alveolar Metallic Structural Slab and Monitoring System

The use of composite materials in construction, in particular sandwich panels, is increasing more and more each day due to the excellent behavior properties and high strength/weight ratio. (...)


Monitoring of corrosion in steel structures

Although several strategies already have been tested and proved to be effective to protect the steel of metallic bridges against corrosion, it is not possible to enumerate an universal and adequate solution for all situations. (...)