Buildings in Paris – CONCLUDED


Vesam was responsible for the Design, Preparation, Manufacturing and Assembly of the structure of a building intended for offices, in Noisy-Le-Grand. The building consists of 2 floors, and has the particularity of having an accessible roof, which is divided into areas with vegetation, and areas with wooden decks. It also has a metal ladder that allows connection from floor 0 to floor 3.

August 2020

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Vesam was responsible for the Project, Preparation, Manufacture, Painting and Assembly of the structure of a house in France. It is a house composed of basement, ground floor and first floor, with metal pillars and collaborative slabs. The house is defined by modern architecture, which considers large spans without pillars inside, so this was the main challenge of this project. In addition, the metallic structure will be visible from inside the house, which required strict care in the final aspect of the structure.

July 2020

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