Kusso River Bridge

Localização:  Angola
Ano: 2015
Descrição: The bridge over the Kusso River is located in Bailundo, Huambo province, Angola.
This bridge was designed, built and assembled by VESAM Eng. S.A. in 2014.
It consists of 3 stringers of S355 steel, with a 38 meters span with variable sections and bolted connections.
The bridge pavement consists of a mixed reinforced concrete slab with a corrugated steel plate.

This bridge was monitored in 2015, serving as a pilot site for testing solutions initially developed by VESAM’s R&D Department, in remote scenarios, with satellite communications and power supply using a high capacity photovoltaic panel.
Twenty-one sensors were installed, including strain gauges, accelerometers, inductive loops, thermometer, hygrometer, corrosion sensor and a weather station.
The system included a data logger capable of storing data, sending it to our servers periodically in order to reduce the energy consumption of the telecommunications system.