Ledgewood Bridge

Location: New Jersey
Year: 2018
Description: Ledgewood Bridge – New Jersey This is a temporary bridge that allowed traffic on I-80 during the works to replace existing bridges.
This bridge was in service during 2018, having been monitored by MIRA SYSTEMS during that period.
The bridge was of the Bailey type with 60m span with an asymmetric intermediate support.

35 sets of sensors were installed, which included strain gauges, accelerometers, room temperature, surface temperature and relative humidity.
To determine the existing actions on the bridge, a dynamic vehicle weighing system was installed at the entrance to the bridge and a weather station.
The entire system corresponds to the new monitoring version developed, with unique characteristics in terms of system architecture and proprietary communication protocol from MIRA Systems.
The internal communications are made through a networked system and the sending of information to the servers is done through a Gateway.
This new system differs profoundly from the status quo with the use of data loggers.

Given the high variation in weather conditions, the very high volume of traffic, above 50,000 vehicles / day, the high percentage of heavy vehicles and the high speed of passage, this was a very important test of the system, as it allowed improvements in robustness and reliability of the designed system.