Gantry to Mozambique

VESAM Engenharia was awarded the design and supply of a porticated structure to support the movement of cargoes and technical personnel for a shipyard in Mozambique. This work results from a commitment to the diversification of VESAM Group activity in the African continent.

Project for an Industrial Building in Oliveira do Hospital

VESAM was awarded the execution of a project related to the industrial pavilion with 80x40m and about 140tons. This project meets the strategy of betting in the national market, focusing on the Core Business of the company in the Engineering area.

Boavista Street Building

As part of VESAM’s strategy in the urban rehabilitation market, we were awarded the metallic structure of the rehabilitation work of the Boavista Street – Boqueirão Ferreiros Street Building in downtown Lisbon. It’s a building that extends almost the whole Boqueirão Ferreiros Street all the way to Boavista Street, where the architectural program includes the … Continue reading Boavista Street Building


As part of the redevelopment of the road linking Samba Caju to Bolongongo in the province of Cuanza-Norte in Angola, VESAM Engenharia was granted 10 small-sized bridges with 11 m wide and spans between 11m and 26m, totaling around 300 tons of steel. With this work, VESAM Group solidifies its position as one of the … Continue reading SAMBA CAJU ROAD BRIDGES

The Sandomil

VESAM Group was chosen for the structural rehabilitation of The Sandomil Palace in Lisbon. This is building date to the second quarter of the seventeenth century, at that time property of Count of Sandomil, not having sustained major damages in the Lisbon great earthquake of 1755. This palace national interest lays in two compartments on … Continue reading The Sandomil


VESAM Group was awarded the contract to build 4 bridges that will replace the existing ones as part of the requalification of the road between Cuima – Huambo and Cusse – Huíla in Angola. These bridges have spans of 63m, 13m, 16m and 62m with a total of approximately 350 tons.

VESAM starts execution of 2 new bridges in Angola

After the execution of the Baia Farta bridge in Angola during 2016, VESAM received a new contract for the execution of 2 new bridges for the same area. These have a single span of 28 meters, with a deck comprising a mixed steel-concrete slab with 11.7 meters wide and about 76 tons of steel. This … Continue reading VESAM starts execution of 2 new bridges in Angola

VESAM builds new commercial unit in Angola

The VESAM Group began the execution of a new construction work in Angola. This construction work comprises the covering of a new commercial unit with 7500 m2 and 240 tonnes, presenting as a particularity the constructive detail at the finish between the facades and the roof in the form of “Bull Noose”.

VESAM executes two new rehabilitation works in Lisbon

The VESAM Group is executing two new structural rehabilitation works in Lisbon at Rosa Street. The construction works comprises the strengthening structure, floors, stairs and roof in steel structure.

VESAM builds Baia Farta Bridge

The VESAM Group finished the construction of a new mixed steel-concrete bridge in Angola at the end of the year 2016. With this new construction, the VESAM Group reached during the year of 2016 a total of eighty mixed steel-concrete bridge in the African continent.