Várzeas Bridge

Location: Portugal
Year: 2014
Description: The Várzeas bridge is located in the town of Várzeas – Luso, municipality of Mealhada about 20km north of Coimbra.
This bridge was designed, built and assembled by VESAM Engenharia S.A. in 2008.
It consists of 4 S355 steel stringers with a 19-meter span of constant section and screw connections.
The bridge floor consists of a mixed reinforced concrete / collaborating slab.
The meetings are in reinforced concrete.

This bridge has been monitored since 2014, functioning as a pilot site for testing solutions developed initially by the ID Department of VESAM Engenharia and now by MIRA SYSTEMS.
This bridge has already seen the installation of several versions of structural monitoring systems, corresponding to evolutions made, and features have been added to the system over time, such as vehicle detection and weather station for monitoring environmental conditions.

At this moment, a structural monitoring system is installed with extensometers, accelerometers, complete meteorological station with anemometer, weather vane, rain gauge, thermometer and hygrometer and magnetic sensors for vehicle detection.
The system works completely autonomously, with electrical supply through a photovoltaic panel and a high capacity battery.

The communication and sending of data is done through a 3G / 4G mobile network.