Strategical business area for the success and affirmation of the VESAM Group in the global market

The VESAM Group assumes the Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) as a strategical business area for the success and affirmation of the group in the global market. For this reason, more than 10% of the annual profit is dedicated to R&D+i activities.

The R&D+i Department is composed by a multidisciplinary team comprising engineers with a strong scientific and technical background in Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences and Electronics. We believe that the true innovation can only be achieved with the combination of knowledge and experiences from different scientific areas.


The developed products and services are, in a initial phase, mainly for internal use, being later commercialized and licensed to third parties. Currently, the R&D+i team develops research projects in three main areas:

  1. Civil Engineering – Experimental analysis of stresses and strain for new structural solutions in steel, aluminum, glass and composite materials;
  2. Electronics – Sensors and structural health monitoring (SHM) systems;
  3. Computer Sciences – Planning and integrated management of engineering projects.

The VESAM Group has a laboratory dedicated exclusively for the projects involving the experimental analysis of stresses and strains. The Laboratory of Structures and Material Testing presents an area of 300 m2 and it is fully equipped with steel frames, reaction walls, hydraulic actuators, universal testing machines, among other equipments, and instrumentation for the acquisition and transformation of digital and analog signals, force transducers, displacement transducers and acceleration transducers.

The VESAM Group is currently performing the laboratory accreditation process to provide, as soon as possible, services to external companies, namely quality control tests for construction materials.


VESAM Engenharia S.A. is a full member of the COTEC Innovation SME Network since November 04 2014 and it is a certified company according to the standard NP 4457 under the scope of development and management of R&D+i projects in the areas of civil engineering, electronics and computer sciences.

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